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In Massachusetts, murder is a type of homicide where the killing of another person is considered unlawful. A conviction could effectively ruin your life and cost you your freedom. For this reason, you should call our Boston criminal defense attorney as soon as you can to begin work on your case.

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In order to preserve your freedom, you will need an aggressive defense lawyer on your side to keep you from a conviction. At Keegan Law, we provide legal counsel and representation that aims to help our clients avoid a conviction and that is our goal from the outset.

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We understand that your whole life is on the line with a murder arrest, so we provide knowledgeable support during this difficult time. Look to us to fight on your behalf!

How a Murder Charge Works

Two types of murder are recognized by the state—murder in the first degree and murder in the second degree. Murder in the first degree is a premeditated killing of another person, while second degree murder lacks any plan to kill but occurs in the heat of the moment.

Since Massachusetts has eliminated its death penalty, the only sentence for a conviction of first degree murder is a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Those convicted of second degree murder will be punished with life sentences but with the chance of parole after serving 15 years in jail.

A common defense used when charged with murder is self-defense. For such a defense to be effective, you will need to prove that your life was in immediate and imminent danger and lethal force was therefore justified. Merely sensing you were in danger is insufficient, and the defense will probably not work if the deceased was not carrying a lethal weapon on them at the time.

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