Dealing with a DUI? Let Keegan Law Help You Understand Your Rights!

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI/OUI you need to understand your rights. What you do at the time of the arrest can have a significant impact on the final outcome of your case. The first and most critical action is to get defense counsel representing you. A Boston criminal lawyer from Keegan Law has helped countless people avoid conviction on DUI charges, and we know the process inside out. As former police officers, our legal team knows exactly what the police should and should not do. If your rights have been violated, which is not unheard of, we will take action to get your charges dismissed at once!

Probable Cause

Law enforcement must have probable cause to stop you. If it is claimed that you were driving erratically, this could be considered to be probable cause to pull you over. There are many ways in which this right can be violated; one of the most common we see is that they observed you “weaving within your lane”. This is not illegal, and if you are driving in your lane, law enforcement may have violated your rights.

Racial Profiling and Civil Rights

It is illegal to focus on a specific ethnic group, or use race as a criteria when pulling over an individual. It is important that we get engaged in your case at once to determine if the law enforcement officer has a history of targeting certain ethnic groups – this is a violation of your rights; we can take action to bring this fact to the attention of the court.

The Right to Remain Silent

You have the right to remain silent. You do have to give law enforcement your driver’s license, registration and other personal information. You are not required to answer questions about where you have been, whether you have been drinking, or other details. You are also not required to agree to Field Sobriety Tests. You ARE required to take the breath or blood test or you could face real problems. Even then, there could be actions our legal team could engage in that would allow you to avoid the consequences.

The Right to an Attorney

The Constitution gives you the right to an attorney. If you choose in inexperienced lawyer, it is less likely that you will have a good result in court. In DUI charges, experience matters. We know the process, how to evaluate a case and find the flaws, and the science behind testing, testing units, and other factors that could affect your case. Don’t take chances! Talk to a DUI defense lawyer from our firm if you are facing charges of OUI/DUI. We will move into action immediately for your defense.