Texas Day Care Owner Concealed Her Criminal History of Murder

A Texas day care owner has recently been discovered to have lied on her application to take over the business. According to reports, she was convicted of murder after leaving her home unsupervised with children while she went to run errands at the store. Apparently, she not only left the children alone but she also left a pan of oil on the stove top. This led to a household fire, killing one of the four children staying at the home.

The fire happened in early 2011 when Jessica Tata left the house unsupervised and dangerous and as a result a 16 month old baby lost her life due to the fire that was started by the burning oil on the stove top. The Boston Globe says that she only pleaded to an arson charge and never took responsibility for the death of the child because of her attempt to save her. This year she sought to apply to take over the daycare, and she also failed to mention her juvenile record history of two different arson charges when she was in high school.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services claims that had they known her past, there would have been a greater concern with her running a day care center, and being responsible for the lives of so many children. The director, Susan Lahmeyer claims that even though the department completed the background check on Tata, her prior record never showed up in the search. In 2003, after one of her arson charges, Tata was required to take a fire prevention class. A Houston fire department arson investigator that lead the class, Lisa Hayes, claims that she showed no care or concern about other people. Hayes stated that Tata showed no concern that a fire could claim the life of a victim.

Jessica Tata was found guilty just this week for felony murder one for the death of a child and her penalties may be severe. Though she has not gone to her sentencing trial, reports state that it is likely she will be looking at life in prison for the death of a child. Not only did the fire she start kill a baby, but the remaining children that survived were left with severe burns, two of them being forced to have many surgeries as a result.

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