Keegan Law, Roslindale: Boston’s Finest Criminal Defense Team

Do you need aggressive legal defense?

Arrested on suspicion of a crime? You need experienced legal representation right away! With your personal freedom and future on the line, you need to act immediately. Keegan Law, Roslindale criminal defense lawyers, are here to provide the dedication and support you need.

Our team of attorneys had extensive experience in law enforcement prior to becoming lawyers, meaning that we know the tactics and traps police try use to convict the accused. We can provide defense that can craft a strong case for your benefit!

Not convinced? Here are more reasons to consider our firm:

  • Attorney Joseph Keegan is a former member of the United States Military
  • Our lawyers have received the highest possible rating on Avvo
  • We have a proven track record of success

If you are still wondering if we are right for you, we offer free case evaluations for you to ask our attorneys the questions you need. Call our offices to speak with an attorney about your case and find out why Keegan Law is the best fit for you.

Can you take on my case?

The special background that we bring to criminal justice cases means that no case is too big or too small for our representation. Are you facing incarceration, expensive fines, or even probation?

We can handle the following types of cases:

  • Homicide, murder, and manslaughter
  • Theft, robbery, and shoplifting
  • White-collar crimes
  • Drug possession, sales, or trafficking
  • Probation violations
  • Warrant matters
  • Federal crimes
  • Violent crimes and domestic violence
  • Sex crimes
  • Rape

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is important. The legal representation you choose can have a serious outcome on your case. Be sure to put yourself in good hands by hiring our firm.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact Keegan Law

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean that you have been convicted. Since you are innocent until proven guilty, you need a Roslindale criminal attorney that will maintain the rights you deserve. No matter what the details of the case, our firm is committed to fighting for justice.

Putting your trust in a lawyer important for your criminal defense. If you are seeking a hard-working, reliable, and dedicated defense attorney, Keegan Law is right for you.