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What To Do During Police Questioning

When you are approached by the police for questioning, it is not unnatural to feel uneasy or even scared. Speaking with the police can lead to negative consequences – even if you are innocent. Regardless of the reasons the police wish to question you, it is best that you have an attorney present and understand your rights.

The Police Need Information to File Criminal Charges

If the police already had sufficient evidence to file an official complaint against you or send the case to the district attorney’s office, they would do so without questioning you. If that information is falling short of the threshold, they may contact you (the alleged suspect) to gather more information. This is where they hope the suspect will fill in the blanks of their case and provide them with the necessary information to file criminal charges.

By having an attorney present, you can protect yourself from doing just that. An attorney will ensure you do not give up information that fills in the gaps, or worse give information that makes you the focus of their investigation.

Police Can Get You to Admit to a Crime – Even if You Don’t Realize It

Police often ask an alleged suspect to come to the station for questioning so that they can use tactics that encourage a suspect to unwittingly admit to the crime. For example, you are accused of sexual assault and the police tell you that you have an opportunity to come down and explain your side of the story. They may even give you the impression that they do not believe the victim and they want your side to help dismiss the case.

You willingly speak with the police and admit to the sexual encounter and you may even admit the woman had been drinking. By doing so, you may have just given the police the information they need to prove that the woman was too intoxicated to give consent; therefore, you were guilty.

By unwittingly admitting to the offending act, you can no longer deny the allegations against you. By not making an official statement to the police, you could have avoided this situation and no charges would have been filed.

You Have Constitutional Rights – Police Don’t Care

You will not be reminded of your constitutional rights when you are being questioned by the police. Police will also try to circumvent your protections – such as stating that if you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to request an attorney, or that you should allow them to search your private property.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Protects You – Contact Keegan Law

If the police wish to question you, regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, contact a criminal defense attorney before consenting to a search, giving a statement or even answering a few simple questions. By having legal representation, you can ensure your rights are protected and most importantly, that you do not self-incriminate or make yourself the target of a criminal investigation.

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