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Crimes that include violence against another person can incur severe consequences before the law. The harm that a supposed victim endures can result in the legal rights and freedoms of the accused to go unrecognized. Working with our Needham violent crimes attorneys can ensure that you have the clear and focused representation you need. Your advocates at Keegan Law truly care about the outcome of your case. For many violent crimes, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and we work tirelessly to draft the best possible strategy for your case.

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Work With Former Criminal Prosecutors

Our firm has over 42 years combined experience in criminal defense, with a background stemming from law enforcement, criminal prosecution, and military service. We have a deep understanding of both sides of the law, and use this knowledge to your advantage. For example, one case that we had involved our client being accused of stabbing his girlfriend. The prosecution stated that the victim had wounds that could be attributed to stabbing wounds, with medical records, photographs, and an alleged confession from our client.

Our firm was able to use the testimony of the police officer who heard the alleged admission to reveal the truth. Our client was asked by a nurse at the hospital what he was arrested for as he was receiving medical treatment. His response to the question was not a confession, and after deliberating for an hour, the jury declared our client not guilty.

We know what criminal prosecutors will use to try and incriminate our clients and how to fight against these tactics. If you would like this kind of representation in your violent crimes case, call our firm right away. Our Needham criminal attorneys are dedicated to providing the exemplary level of legal service to our client’s cases.

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