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There is no doubt that domestic violence is an issue that families throughout Massachusetts and the United States deal with, but that does not mean that every claim of domestic violence is valid. In the middle of any argument between two people, someone can easily make a false accusation out of spite or frustration. If you find yourself in this boat, Keegan Law is here for you. We take claims of domestic violence seriously and don’t let those falsely accused of this crime face unwarranted criminal charges. Get our Needham criminal defense attorneys on your side today!

How do I know what “domestic violence” is?

Domestic violence is described as any act of violence committed by one person towards their family member, friend, spouse, or other loved one. It usually does not occur in one isolated act of violence, but a systematic cycle of physical and emotional abuse. However, there are many cases that involve one single incident or situation that prompts another to file domestic violence charges against them.

Domestic violence is can be considered:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Sexual
  • Economical

While there are many ways that forms of domestic violence can overlap, there are many different penalties and consequences for varying types of crimes. Domestic violence involving sexual abuse may carry registration as a sex offender, while emotional abuse may require that you go to therapy or anger management as part of probation.

Facing accusations? Call our firm!

With the serious consequences of domestic violence, these claims can never be taken lightly and require dedicated defense to reveal the truth of the situation. Too many people have their lives irreparably damaged by false domestic violence accusations, and have lost custody and visitation of their children because of the testimony of a former relationship. No matter what your situation, we can help.

Our Needham domestic violence attorneys are not only highly respected in the greater Boston area, but also have extensive experience on both sides of the fence as former law enforcement. For representation that is one step ahead of the prosecution, fill out a case evaluation form today to begin speaking with Keegan Law. Contact us today.