Major Crimes Decline in Boston for 2013

As reported by the Boston Globe, crime in the city of Boston has decreased from January to March of 2013 by 15% when compared with this time period last year. According to Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, he believes that this decline has much to do with the various weather conditions the city has been experiencing during this season as well as successful measures implemented by the police department. When interviewed, Davis actually spent a considerable amount of time discussing crime in relation to the weather their city has suffered through, largely due to the snow fall and the restricted ability for people to be outdoors.

During this season last year, January 1-March 1, there were a total of 8 deaths whereas this year there was 7. Other crime rates that changed this year includes rapes and attempted rapes having dropped by 25% since 2012, robbery 7%, burglary 8%, aggravated assaults by 16%, auto theft by 14% and larceny by another 17%. Davis does report; however, that despite the overall crime rate decrease in their city, the number of shootings and fire-arm related incidents and arrests are still continuing to increase this year.

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino shares that a large part of the decrease has to do with having more officers out and about on the streets; increasing their presence in the different communities and therefore conducting more arrests. Monalisa Smith, the founder of the Boston antiviolence adolescent group, Mothers for Justice and Equality, claims that their concern is that a large number of youth are being affected by the crime in their city, both as the victims and the suspects.

Thomas Nolan, with the Boston Police Department, shares that it is truly hard to say whether 10 weeks can really pin point a trend in crime rates for the city, because many criminal activities and arrests often occur during the summer months. He does share that he will support a lessened number of crime in the city, even if it is for a season. As law enforcement officials in the city of Boston seek to continue decreasing crime in their cities, they are going to be ready and willing to conduct arrests to anyone whom they believe is responsible.

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