Facing Felony Drug Crimes in Massachusetts?

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Felony level drug crimes can carry very harsh consequences, which can include prison time and thousands of dollars in fees and fines. Whether you were accused of possession, distribution, or cultivation, you could be up against felony charges. Massachusetts has very strict laws against drugs, and even prescription drugs can result in drug crime charges.

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Handling All Types of Drug Charges

As mentioned before, Massachusetts’ law punishes drug violations severely, no matter what type of or amount of the drug is involved.

These are the most common examples of felony drug crimes:

  • Possession and sales
  • Trafficking
  • Growing and manufacturing
  • Corrupting another with drugs
  • Drug tampering

On the minor end of the spectrum, drug violations can mean anywhere from 1 to 15 years in state prison. For more serious violations, a person might face between 3 to 20 years in state prison. The specifics will depend on each individual situations, which is why you should talk with our Lynnfield drug crime attorneys to find out more about your case. We can review your options and help you craft the best possible defense.

We Provide Compelling Legal Defense

Felony level crimes are very serious and you need to have a team that believes in upholding your rights. The rich experience we have had as former law enforcement officials can lend boundless insight for defending you against your charges.

Don’t take any chances if you are facing felony drug charges. Discuss your situation with a Lynnfield drug crime attorney during a free, confidential case evaluation!