Lawrence City Workers Arrested for Armed Robbery

According to several news sources, city workers in Lawrence, MA are suspects in a violent robbery case. Officials say that three men who worked for a trouble youth outreach program were arrested on Friday night after a standoff with Police at a Lawrence market. Video footage taken from the store’s security system capture the city workers entering the market around 10 pm. The third man who entered the building locked the door behind him.

Police said that the men were armed with guns and attempted to rob the store while the owner, his wife and a store clerk were on the premises. “When you look at the video,” said the Lawrence police chief, “you can see that they terrorize the owner’s wife – and the clerk as well – by pointing the gun at them. At one point they drag the clerk, manhandling him, through the aisle. It was a very traumatic experience for all three of them.”

Two of the suspects were 18 years old and one of the men was 19 years old. All three men were employed through the Lawrence Community Development Department. The department manages the $800,000 Safe and Successful Youth Initiative Grant. The men were paid $10 an hour from the grant, which was designed to help young people with limited educations and criminal records.

The program manager said that the three suspects had worked at the program for several months, and one of the men had recently met with a program official to outline a “life plan.” Sources indicate that the man appeared to respond positively to the program. The manager of the program said that he was “very disappointed by what happened, but there is no reason to think that because of what happened the program is a failure.”

The program manager continued, “We have more than 80 kids in the program. Many have found their way back to school, are going to college, and have been hired by the private sector.” Unfortunately, these three participants in the program are suspects in a string of armed robbery cases. The Lawrence police chief said that “We’re looking at this group to see if we can connect them to six or seven robberies that took place in Lawrence – armed robberies.”

According to local authorities, the men attempted to shoot their way out of the market. After a standoff that took nearly an hour, the men surrendered when the store was surrounded by state and local law enforcement. To learn more about criminal defense in Boston and the surrounding area, visit our criminal defense firm’s website. Our Boston criminal defense lawyers are ready to help clients dealing with any type of criminal accusation. Contact us to see what Keegan Law can do for your case.