Juvenile Suspects Arrested for Boston University Armed Robberies

Boston University has experienced four different armed robberies in the past two weeks, and at this time many of the students are on edge in fear of another incident occurring. According to security cameras from one of the robberies, there were three armed men that were involved and they appeared to be younger men. While there are four robberies, the police believe that at least two of the cases are involved, though it is very possible that all four are connected. Each case involved one of the people carrying a hand gun and they stole many wallets, as well as cell phones and laptops during their raids.

Every student who was robbed during these sprees claims that the man would hold a gun to their face and instruct them to hand over their belongings, in fear they would oblige. As of Friday, there have been three suspects that have been arrested for their involvement in the crimes. One suspect turned himself in, and the police then placed a $10,000 reward if people can shed any laudable information on the case or other suspects. The second minor was arrested and charged with two counts of armed robbery, the third person turned himself in likely hoping that by coming forward the judge would be more lenient towards him.

One of the arrested suspects is 17 years old, and the others are minors as well. Depending on the severity of the charges, the court could decide to either charge them as juveniles or adults. If they are facing adult counts of armed robbery, the punishment if convicted could be very severe. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges for theft or any other sort of crime, contacting a defense attorney is a very important step to be taken. Time is of the essence, if you are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Boston area, contact Keegan Law for the legal representation that you deserve!