Joseph Keegan, Boston and Quincy, MA Trial Attorney

Joe Keegan Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Practice areas: Criminal Law
  • Law School: New England School of Law
  • Undergraduate: Curry College
  • Born: Quincy, 1971
  • Military: US Army 1989-1991 Desert Shield/Desert Storm Massachusetts National Guard 1991-1997 U.S. Army Reserves 1999-2001 JAG Unit
  • Biography: Former MBTA Policeman; Former Quincy Policeman, Member of New England School of Law Journal on Criminal Confinement
  • Member: Norfolk County Bar Association; Massachusetts Bar Association; The Association of Trial Lawyers of America

Are you in need of a criminal defense attorney? We can help you.

Attorney Joseph Keegan is a seasoned, respected, and aggressive trial attorney. He has been a criminal defense attorney since 2003 and has more than 20 years in the criminal justice system. Before working as a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Keegan was a law enforcement officer for more than a decade. Armed with this knowledge, he knows how police officers are supposed to react to a variety of situations and how to exploit them when they deviate from Department standards. After graduating from the Boston Police Academy in 1994, Attorney Keegan received the same training that nearly any police officer in the state has received. This diverse background gives Attorney Keegan’s clients a unique advantage over the prosecution; as he is well versed in both law enforcement protocols, as well as trial preparation and procedures. Whether it be felony cases, DUI, drug charges, sexual assault, murder, burglary, robbery, or a host of other criminal charges; Attorney Keegan is prepared to provide you with the results you expect and deserve.

Joe Keegan was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1971. He graduated from North Quincy High School in 1989 and immediately joined the United States Army. While on active duty and stationed in Ft. Benning GA with the 24 Inf. Div. he was one of the first soldiers deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to defend against the advances of Saddam Hussein. He served as an Infantryman in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. During this time he advanced with XVIII Airborne Corps to the Euphrates River Valley on the doorstep of Baghdad before the advance was halted and the troops were withdrawn with a cease fire having been signed.

After leaving active duty he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Curry College. He earned a Juris Doctorate degree (law degree) from the New England School of Law and passed the Massachusetts Bar Exam and gained acceptance to the Massachusetts Bar. Joe attended the Boston Police Academy in 1994 and worked as a police officer for more than 10 years. During this time he participated in numerous operations and arrests and became very familiar with police procedure and criminal procedure as applied by the police. These lessons have become invaluable to him as a Criminal Defense Attorney because he knows what the police should have done during the arrest and any subsequent investigation. His experience as a police officer investigating and helping prosecute cases has given him a perspective that few attorneys could possibly hope to have and this perspective has made him the attorney that he is today.

Joe has received numerous awards throughout his different careers, but none are as satisfying as when a jury awards a “Not Guilty” to a client. In one capacity or another Joe has fought for people his entire life. Whether it was in the sands of the Middle East, the residents that needed police assistance, or clients who are facing criminal sanctions, let him be there to fight for you. If you or a relative has been accused of a crime in Massachusetts, don’t waste any time; call (617) 799-7644 today or click here to contact Attorney Joe Keegan today.


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