Boston Criminal Attorney Joe Keegan Appears on MyFoxBoston to Discuss Boston Bombing

Joe Keegan

Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Keegan, of Keegan Law, recently appeared on MyFoxBoston to share his thoughts on the Boston Bombing, and specifically Katherine Russell, the widow of the Bombing mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Russell, who has largely remained underground after the attack, has been the focal point of numerous questions.

As officials piece together the cause for the attack during the Boston Marathon, many have questioned what Russell knew. While she has never been directly linked to the bombing committed by her husband and brother in law, she has not been ruled out. Attorney Keegan, who is also a former police officer familiar with investigation procedures, told MyFoxBoston that because the case and investigation are still open, more information may turn up.

Keegan went on to share his thoughts about new evidence that has surfaced in recently released court documents. These documents reveal that the pressure cookers used to make the bombs were purchased at a Macy’s in Downtown Crossing. A woman is believed to have been among the shoppers. Keegan states that while this may not mean anything in and of itself, it will raise more questions. He also commented that the totality of all evidence involving Russell can create suspicion and tip the scales. Still, it will remain up to federal prosecutors whether Russell is to be charged with anything.

You can watch the full segment and hear Attorney Keegan’s thoughts on the video below.