Innocent People are Accused of Crimes Everyday

Every day there are a great number of people who are falsely accused of committing a crime. The reasons for the false accusations vary. Sometimes people are accused intentionally by someone who wants to see him or her prosecuted for revenge or spite. Sometimes people are falsely accused because of a sloppy police investigation or no investigation at all. Sometimes people are accused because there is pressure on the police to make an arrest and they do so prematurely.

Whatever the reason is, it happens more often then most people can imagine. Although the American Justice System work in most instances there are many times that it does not and the consequences can be life changing and tragic. In some cases the falsely accused pays the price when no crime was committed at all and the alleged victim has fabricated the story and the jury buys it for a host of reasons and sometimes the wrong person goes to prison while the guilty person is free and still roaming the streets ready to commit new crimes. One of the best ways to avoid an unjust result is to immediately seek counsel from the most qualified criminal defense attorney available. At Keegan Law we know our way around and will do everything possible to ensure that our client receives the best possible conclusion.

The fact that someone was falsely accused will not change the way that the case is prosecuted. Often times people will know that they are innocent and they will delay speaking with an attorney because they believe that the truth will come out and that the police and the prosecutor will see that they are innocent and drop the charges. It is times like these where that person will need an attorney more than ever because the person will unintentionally incriminate themselves when they cooperate. They will speak to the police and allow the police to search their homes and with this the police will gather evidence that will prove their theory that the crime actually was committed by the person. An experienced criminal defense attorney is in a position to explain the justice system to their client and advise them on what the best tactics are for their individual case based on the set of set of facts on hand.

The best thing someone can do when they are facing charges or potential charges is to contact an experienced attorney that will help protect their rights and ensure that they are properly represented.