Criminal Defense AttorneyFinding The Best Law Firm in Massachusetts

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you know you need to retain the services of a defense attorney. You need someone that has expertise in the particular crime you are being charged with, but also has a high success rate for cases just like yours. Unfortunately, most attorneys will advertise they are experienced in just about every type of criminal offense in the state. So, how does a potential client find a lawyer that will represent their rights and increase the chances of a good outcome?

Compile a List

First you will want to compile a list of potential attorneys in the state. Look for ones that service the particular city or county you are being charged in too – since some attorneys are not willing to travel. You can gather names by:

  • Doing a general internet search
  • Asking friends, family and acquaintances for references
  • Looking at the state bar association’s website

Screening the List of Potential Defense Attorneys

Creating a list and calling up a lawyer for a consultation is not enough. Instead, you must narrow down your list of prospective attorneys by:

  • Reading their biography. It should state the type of experiences they have, how long they have been practicing criminal law and if they have any previous prosecutorial experience. You also want to look and see which reputable associations they are members of.
  • Search for the attorney by name on the internet. You may find reviews, articles or other information about that attorney that is not present on their website.
  • Contact the state bar association (if you did not retrieve the attorney’s name from there already) and make sure the attorney is in good standing.
  • Look through online archives for the news and see if they have been in any publicly announced cases.

Schedule a Consultation

You will want to meet with the attorney in person and get a feel for them. Not all consultations are free, so limit how many attorneys you meet with via the screening above first to avoid excess costs. If an attorney cannot meet with you on short notice, do not eliminate them. Often a busy attorney is the sign of a good attorney.

During the consultation, make sure you are comfortable speaking to the attorney, how they assess your case, etc. You want someone that takes time to review the facts, hear your side and possibly do a little background investigation before coming to a conclusion.

Ask the attorney about their case history with the local district attorney’s office as well. You want an attorney that has a good working relationship with the judges and prosecutors in the courts you may be tried in.

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