“I Didn’t do Anything. Why do I Need a Lawyer?”

drug crime

Many of our clients come to us late in the court process. They often think that if they have no record, or if the didn’t commit a crime, they don’t need a lawyer. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say; “I didn’t do anything. What do I need a lawyer for?”

They irony of this belief is that this is exactly the kind of situation where hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is most important! If you have no record, or feel that you did nothing wrong, you will want to preserve your clean criminal record as long as possible. You will want to hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that will actively challenge the prosecutor at every turn.

In order to get the best outcome possible on your case, you need to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer involved as early as possible. We find that the clients that have the most successful case outcomes are the ones that hire us before they are even charged with a crime. Obviously, this is not always possible.

If you have been charged with a crime, have been contacted by a law enforcement officer, or believe you may be the subject of a police investigation; call a criminal defense lawyer right away!

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