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Tax evasion occurs when an individual fails to pay taxes or underpays taxes. Tax evasion is illegal and a federal offense in the United States, punishable by incarceration and exorbitant fines. According to 26 USC § 7201, attempting to evade taxes can result in a $100,000 fine, five years in prison, or both. If a corporation is involved, the fine could be increased to $500,000.

Types of Tax Evasion

The term “tax evasion” can refer to a variety of actions, such as intentionally failing to file your income tax return. Other forms of tax evasion include:

  • Refusing to pay taxes
  • Filing a falsified return
  • Intentionally misreporting your income
  • Making an inaccurate claim
  • Overstating a deduction

Tax Fraud vs. Carelessness

Tax Fraud vs. Carelessness trial.Not every inaccurate tax return is a fraud. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be very understanding of genuine errors. If your return contains a mistake but does not indicate any type of fraud, the IRS might assume that you made an honest mistake; however, if the IRS discovers any indication of fraud, you could face serious criminal charges. These might include:

  • Moving funds in an offshore account
  • Claiming a nonexistence dependent
  • Large amounts of unreported income
  • Evidence of money laundering
  • Multiple sets of financial records

Defense for Tax Evasion in Boston, MA

In 2012, the IRS reported $754 million paid in “suspicious” tax returns, making tax fraud a prevalent and expensive problem in the United States. Every year, the IRS investigates a large number of taxpayers, many of which are convicted of tax fraud. If you were charged with tax evasion, our Boston criminal defense attorneys can help you avoid a conviction.

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