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Man in Boston charged with money laundering.Money laundering is an umbrella term that describes any scheme of financial transactions used to conceal the source of illicit money. For example, stolen funds could be “laundered” to hide their original source so the money can be spent without attracting the attention of law enforcement. Although money laundering is a complex white-collar crime, the United States Government reports that money laundering is very common.

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Money Laundering Methods

  • Shell Companies

The term “shell company” describes any fake business used to front financial transactions. This type of money laundering scheme disguises the funds by investing in a fake company and creating fraudulent invoices to make the money appear legitimate.

  • Offshore Accounts

Moving money to an offshore account is a common form of tax fraud; it can also be used to disguise the origin of the money. Some countries have privacy laws that make it easier for individuals to launder money by concealing funds from the United States government.

  • Structured Deposits

The United States Government monitors financial transactions that exceed $10,000. To avoid attracting attention from the federal government, individuals and businesses break large chunks of illegally obtained money into smaller pieces and deposit them individually.

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