Mitigating Circumstances & Murder Charges?

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In the face of murder charges, the future can appear hopeless. After all, murder is one of the most serious offenses an individual can be charged with and it often doesn’t seem likely that the court will minimize the penalties. However, if you have been arrested for an alleged murder, it is vital that you pursue every avenue, particularly mitigating circumstances.

Many people are unfamiliar with how mitigating circumstances can affect their case. Our firm places a high priority on resolving your case successfully and believes in using all that we can to your advantage. We have been serving the Boston community as murder defense lawyers for over 40 years and have the results to back that experience up.

The Impact of Mitigating Circumstances on Your Case

Mitigating circumstances are anything that might convince a judge that your sentence should be reduced. Essentially, did you have possible grounds for committing the murder? If so, that is considered a mitigating circumstance and the judge will take it into account when assigning your sentence.

Common examples of mitigating circumstances include:

  • Minimal participation in the crime
  • Reasonable provocation
  • Impaired mental capacity
  • Self-defense
  • Remorse
  • Emotional duress
  • Culpability on behalf of the victim

Each court considers mitigating circumstances differently. What impacts the decision-making of one judge may not do the same for another judge, so it is key that every aspect of your circumstances are explored before presenting your defense.

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