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If you’ve been charged with murder, you may assume that there is nothing that could increase the severity of your penalties. At Keegan Law, we know differently. The court will carefully evaluate your case to determine if you acted under malice aforethought. If so, this can negatively impact your case. You need to retain our firm’s Boston murder defense lawyers – we will turn over every stone to fight for a positive outcome to your case!

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What is malice aforethought?

When a prosecutor takes on a murder case, they may try to prove that the act was committed with malice. Malice aforethought means that you thought about the crime before committing it and acted with evil intent.

According to Massachusetts law, both first and second degree murder can be characterized by malice aforethought. Second degree murder, however, does not include any premeditation. Malice aforethought is derived from the state’s common law and includes an individual’s intent to inflict bodily injury or cause death without any legal justification. Legal justification refers to whether the individual was acting in self-defense.

Furthermore, a second degree murder charge based on malice aforethought only means that the defendant wanted to cause serious bodily harm, not death. Penalties for second degree murder in Massachusetts can include a life sentence in state prison with parole possibility after 15 years. It can be exceedingly difficult to fight such charges on your own, but our firm is equipped to assist you every step of the way.

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