Have You Been Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder?

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The legal definition of conspiracy to commit murder is when an individual collaborates with others with the intention of accomplishing a murder. Even if the murder was not committed, a person can still be charged for being involved in the planning of the crime. Prosecutors will look at the specifics of the case and determine its severity, including the possibility of a felony level charge, which can mean very heavy penalties if convicted.

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Understanding Conspiracy Charges

There are two parts to a conspiracy charge that the prosecution must prove in order to convict someone. The first is that there was an intent to commit the crime and the second is that the individual was aware that the crime was illegal. Fortunately for the defendant, these can be difficult to prove. Having a Boston criminal defense lawyer on your side can further strengthen your case.

An attorney can do the following to counter arguments made against you:

  • Use a solid alibi for defense
  • Challenge the forensic evidence used
  • Cross-examine how prosecution identified you or other alleged conspirators
  • Demonstrate your lack of knowledge of the alleged plan

Many of these stances are what make a tough attorney vital for legal representation. Conspiracy to commit murder charges can be life-altering, carrying up to 20 years in state prison and exorbitant fines. If you are facing these charges, call our firm as soon as you can to defend yourself.

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