Facing Armed Assault to Murder Charges?

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Crimes that involve violence are heavily punished by the Massachusetts justice system. Prosecutors argue aggressively in order to secure convictions and ensure that the accused face maximum penalties. Armed assault with the intention of murder is a very serious crime and a conviction can mean incarceration in state prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If the person was charged with intending to use a weapon, such as a handgun, shotgun, or any other kind of firearm, it can up the prison sentence to as much as 20 years.

With such serious stakes on the line, it is crucial that you obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. If you are facing these charges, don’t waste another second. Speak with our attorneys at Keegan Law immediately and get proper legal advice!

What is needed for the prosecution to secure a conviction?

Armed assault with the intention of murder can be a very difficult charge to prove. However, that does not mean the prosecution will not come out prepared to convince the jury of your guilt, regardless of whether or not the evidence is there to back it up.

These are the conditions that the prosecution must prove to secure a conviction:

  • Assault was committed against a person
  • A deadly weapon was used in this assault
  • The defendant had every intention to kill the person and were capable of doing so

These elements must be present beyond a reasonable doubt. We work to ensure that each of the prosecution’s points are contested and debunked by more solid evidence in your favor. As an example, it is simply not enough to show that the accused person used intimidation to threaten the victim. That is why you need a Boston criminal defense lawyer to defend you against the tactics that prosecution might try to use.

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As former prosecutors, police officers, military officials, and investigators, we understand how to defend very serious criminal charges. Our insider knowledge can help us outsmart the opposition and keep your record clean. That kind of skill, insight, and dedication is something you can only find when you come to Keegan Law for legal support.

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