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Information on Kidnapping Charges

Kidnapping is considered a violent crime, even if no physical harm comes to the alleged victim. As such, if you are charged with kidnapping, you could be facing an increased sentence due to the violent nature of the crime. Additionally, charges of parental kidnapping may arise if you accidentally took your child out of the area without consent from the other parent. The area of the law that involves kidnapping can be complex and difficult to understand. A Boston criminal attorney from our firm can help you understand what you are being charged with and work with you to devise a forceful and powerful defense.

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What are the penalties for kidnapping crimes?

Because kidnapping is usually perpetrated in conjunction with other crimes, the penalties can be severe. Kidnapping is a felony crime, and if it was perpetrated with the use of a firearm, you can be facing a minimum of 20 years in state prison. In cases of parental kidnapping, you can be facing a maximum of 15 years in prison if aggravating factors were involved.

These penalties are very severe, and if you want to avoid them, you need to have an experienced defense attorney representing you throughout your legal proceedings. Not only does kidnapping carries time behind bars, but it also carries thousands of dollars in fines, even for first offenses. No matter the reason for your offense, you need to act quickly to build a strong defense and avoid conviction. Our legal team is prepared to help you fight your charges, regardless of the circumstances. If you want to avoid the harsh penalties of kidnapping charges, be sure to call on our firm today.

Defenses Against Kidnapping Charges

It is crucial that you understand the severity of the charges you are facing so that you can build a strong and strategic defense in the courtroom. At our firm, we are passionate about helping our clients fight their charges and share their side of the story. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients get the legal counsel and protection they deserve.

Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to utilize the following defenses for your case:

  • As a parent, you were unaware of the laws against moving your child or forgot to tell the other parent that you were taking the child for a longer time.
  • You took the individual to help them avoid instances of domestic violence or danger
  • You couldn’t return the child due to circumstances that were out of your own control

It can be very challenging to effectively argue these defenses, which is why you need a Boston defense attorney on your side. Our firm can come beside you and help you craft a strategic and effective defense for your specific case. We will carefully analyze the facts surrounding your case and pull out any details we can to deflate the prosecution’s case. You can come to us for legal counsel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get our former prosecutors on your side today!

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Kidnapping is a serious felony crime and as such, you need an attorney who will help you understand the charges you are facing as well as the various penalties you may be subjected to. Our firm has helped numerous clients with their kidnapping and domestic violence charges and we are prepared to put our experience to work for your criminal case.

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