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What is Battery?

Battery is defined under the law as touching another person without their consent and in a manner that is offensive. Although there doesn’t need to be any physical harm, a person is most commonly charged with battery when there is some physical injury involved. This crime is usually charged as assault and battery. Although battery can be a misdemeanor or a felony, even a conviction for a misdemeanor battery charge can result in a long prison sentence and can have a negative effect on your career.

There is another form of assault and battery that involves reckless conduct. Even though reckless assault and battery is less common, it can still result in lasting penalties. In order to be convicted of reckless assault and battery, the prosecution must prove that you engaged in actions that caused physical harm or bodily injury to someone, and thereby interfered with their health and conduct. Secondly, the prosecution must prove that your actions amounted to wanton and reckless conduct. This means that the actions were beyond the realm of mere negligence and could be classified as recklessness.

Battery Penalties

A battery conviction can have a serious and widespread impact on your future. The severity of the charge will be based on how extensive the injuries are, the age or other special circumstances of the alleged victim, and your prior criminal record as well as other factors. Massachusetts Law ยง265.15C (2011) states that a person convicted of assault and battery with no aggravating circumstances could be facing over 2 years in a house of correction as well as a $1,000 fine.

The severity of the penalties for assault and battery is increased in the case of battery of a public employee, a pregnant woman, an elderly person or a minor. Battery is usually thought of as a crime of violence but can also be categorized as a serious sex crime. For example, a charge of battery under 14 carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years for a first offense and sex offender registration may be mandatory. There are so many technical issues involved in preparing and conducting an effective defense against a charge of battery that you will need a highly experienced defense attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

How Our Team of Professionals Could Help You

At Keegan Law, our legal team has over 40 of combined experience in criminal justice. We investigate and analyze your case from every angle in order to develop a powerful and innovative defense strategy calculated to obtain the best possible outcome. Getting a Boston criminal defense lawyer at our firm involved in your case before charges are filed could mean the charges are lowered or dropped altogether.