Choose Keegan Law for the Best Attempted Murder Defense in Boston

Massachusetts takes attempts to murder very seriously even though the attempt was unsuccessful and the victim survived. If the prosecutor determines there is enough evidence he or she will file attempted murder charges under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 274, Section 6 and will prepare to prosecute with every intention of gaining a conviction. To gain a conviction the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused deliberately and intentionally acted to end the life of another.

Attempt in this case means the accused person did more than simply write down some notes on how to commit a murder. It must be proven that the accused took overt action to carry out the crime and came close to succeeding. Just purchasing a weapon will not be evidence of a definite intention to kill another. The prosecution must be able to show that the accused person actually tried to shoot, stab, or poison the alleged intended victim and that this was not a case of self-defense.

Since it can be very difficult to prove an intention to commit a crime, the prosecution’s case may rely on insufficient or flawed evidence such as testimony from unreliable witnesses. A knowledgeable attempted murder attorney at our firm is prepared to use every available legal tool in your defense.

Penalties for an Attempted Murder Conviction

Even though the victim survived, the justice system will still take these crimes very seriously. As long as the attempt to commit murder was present, you could be charged and convicted. Massachusetts Law ยง265.16 (2011) states that anyone who is accused of attempting to poison, drown, or strangle another person, could be sent to state prison for up to 20 years as well as fined up to $1,000. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, they could be put in jail for two and a half years.