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In the Massachusetts General Laws, armed robbery is defined as an offense where a person assaults, robs, or steals money or property from another person while armed with a dangerous weapon. Massachusetts goes to great lengths to punish this crime appropriately.

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Penalties for Armed Robbery in Massachusetts

Armed robbery is punished differently than basic robbery or petty theft. Due to the display or use of a weapon, armed robbery is considered a violent crime and a defendant’s sentence may be more severe.

In order to be convicted for armed robbery, the prosecutor must prove four things.

These four elements include:

  • Proof that the defendant was carrying a dangerous weapon
  • Proof that the defendant put the victim in fear or caused harm to the victim
  • Proof that the defendant stole the victim’s property
  • Proof that the defendant took control of the victim’s property

If these four elements can be proved beyond all reasonable doubt, then a conviction may occur. Charges for such a crime can include a minimum of five years all the way up to a life sentence in prison. Armed robbery sentences always carry a mandatory minimum sentence in Massachusetts.

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