Have You Been Convicted of Larceny Totalling Over $250?

Theft Crime Defense in Boston

If you have been charged with larceny, you are not alone as larceny is one of the most common criminal charges in our state. Taking property from another person that is valued over $250 is usually charged as a felony. It is important to take note of the $250 mark because a misdemeanor charge carries the possibility of one year in jail, while felonies can result in five years in prison. According to Massachusetts Law ยง266.30 (2011), grand larceny (larceny over $250) is a serious theft crime, and can also result in probation, restitution, and a fine of up to $25,000. Your criminal defense lawyer will want to challenge the value assessment of the items you have been accused of stealing, and reduce your charge to petty larceny if possible.

An aspect of the case which could enhance the penalties you could be left facing is if the victim is over the age of 65. If you are accused of committing larceny against an elderly victim, you could be sent to state prison for up to five years. Another aspect which could play a role in this crime is if it was a second or subsequent offense. They will receive at least a two year sentence and will not be eligible for parole until they have completed at least one year of their sentence.

Fighting Larceny Charges

In addition to getting your charge reduced, your attorney will also want to find out if any illegal search and seizure took place. Our goal will be to determine if any procedural errors were made during the course of your arrest or afterward and use them to get your case dismissed. As we know law enforcement from an insider’s perspective, we have unique experience that we can put to use in your defense. We are here to protect your interests, so speak to our firm as soon as possible.