Keegan Law: Prostitute Solicitation Attorneys in Boston, MA

Prostitution is a crime prohibited in Massachusetts. The law defines engaging in sexual conduct of a fee as either engaging; agreeing to engage; or offering to engage in sexual activity with another individual for a fee. It is important to note that the law does not allow for an agreement, even if an agreement, or offer is made for prostitution it is considered a crime of prostitution. In addition to this, the law prohibits solicitation for prostitution, or procuring an individual to practice or enter a place for prostitution.

Solicitation of an individual for prostitution can involve procuring, enticing, sending, or aiding in procuring, enticing or sending an individual to practice prostitution, or to enter a place that is for prostitution. If you have been charged with this criminal act then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a sex crime attorney from Keegan Law. Our firm has legal experience in this area and we understand the difficulties you may be facing if you have been charged with this crime.

How Our Firm Can Help You

It is quite feasible that an individual can be wrongly charged and convicted of this crime, it has happened in the past and it can happen again. The penalties for conviction of this crime can include a fine ranging from $100 to $500 in Boston, MA or a prison sentence ranging from three months to two years. Do not hesitate to contact our firm to discuss your sex crime charges and how we can help you. We will be able to answer your questions regarding your case, discuss your available options with you, advise you of the best action for you to take and provide you with aggressive representation of your case in court if you choose to work with us.