Convicted of Sexual Solicitation of a Minor?

With the rapidly increasing sexual awareness of younger generations, sometimes it becomes difficult to pinpoint the age of a sexual partner. Sexual acts that are well accepted between adults become severe crimes once a minor is involved. With a charge that marks you with the sexual solicitation of a minor, you may find yourself serving years in a state prison with stringent orders regarding questions of parole or the opportunity of eventual release.

What does a conviction mean for you?

The solicitation of a minor refers to a severe sex crime, as regarded by the state of Massachusetts. As recently as 2011, was passed through the state court system defining the full extent of the issue. If one forces any kind of sexual intercourse, this includes both anal and oral acts, on a child then they can be charged with a punishment of no less than 30 years. This punishment is not eligible to be discharged or shortened in any way under any circumstances.

Once a sex crime includes a minor, the already harsh punishments regarding the crime become excessively heightened. The problem is associated with the huge numbers of domestic violence seen within the state of Massachusetts. A sex crime is an emotional crime. Once you bring emotion into the courthouse, it becomes difficult to combat without the professional logic of a qualified Boston criminal defense attorney. With your future hanging in the balance, you don’t want to take any chances.

Hire a Boston Sex Crime Attorney

Whether or not you realized that you had sex with a minor, this is a serious crime that needs quick and efficient attention. Our team is ready to take on your case with aggressive determination and a strong understanding of your personal testimony. There is no reason for you to suffer for a crime you didn’t commit, or for which you are wrongly charged. The sooner you contact our Boston office, the more time we have to create a sturdy and lucrative defense.