Have Questions About RMV Hearings in Massachusetts?

What is a hardship license?

After being convicted of an OUI (operating under the influence), an offender’s license will be suspended for a certain period of time. A first offense will result in a one-year suspension, while OUI manslaughter could incur a 15-year suspension. A convicted motorist could suffer extreme hardship due to their inability to drive to work, school, doctors appointments, etc., which is why they are given the opportunity to apply for a hardship license.

Every motorist is required to serve a certain length of their suspension before becoming eligible for a hardship license. MassDOT provides the following hardship license eligibility information:

  • One-year suspension: Eligible after 6 months; 3 months for work/education
  • Two-year suspension: Eligible after 18 months; 1 year for work/education
  • Eight-year suspension: Eligible after 4 years; 2 years for work/education
  • Ten-year suspension: Eligible after 8 years; 5 years for work/education

A work/education hardship license is only available for those with third-party documentation of their hardship, such as a letter from their employer or school stating their necessity for certain work or class hours. A self-employed person must prove their state of self-employment. Also, it must be proven that public transportation is non-sufficient or non-existent in their case.

To apply for a hardship license, you must visit the Boston RMV for a license suspension hearing with a Hearing Officer. These hearings are not held in court or presided over by a judge. They are held in an RMV courtroom and presided over by an RMV officer with no qualified legal training. Every applicant has the right to be represented by an attorney, however, to ensure that their case is properly heard and treated. If you need to apply for a hardship license, contact a Boston RMV hearing attorney as soon as possible.

How do I get my license back after an OUI?

Whether or not you received a hardship license, you must attend the Boston RMV for a license reinstatement hearing and pay a fee in order to have your license restored. This fee ranges from $50-$1,200 depending on the offense for which you were convicted. Again, this hearing does not take place in court before a judge, so it would be wise to hire an attorney for consultation and representation. If you received a hardship license, it will no longer be valid after your suspension period is up, so be sure to schedule a hearing and have your license restored.

Consult with an Experienced Boston OUI Lawyer

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