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When most people think of OUI (operating under the influence), they think of drunk driving. However, alcohol intoxication is not the only reason why a person could be charged with OUI. Any kind of substance abuse can cause a person to become intoxicated or high, including the use of controlled substances, many prescription drugs, and some over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

Regarding illegal drugs, the Massachusetts General Laws §90-24 (2011) states that anyone who operates a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or of “…marijuana, narcotic drugs, depressants or stimulant substances, all as defined in [§94C-1]…” is guilty of OUI or DUI. The same section also lists the following penalties, one or both of which can be sentenced:

  • Fine of $500-$5,000
  • Jail term of up to 2.5 years

Defense Against Drug-Related OUI Charges

If you have been arrested for intoxicated driving, you may be able to defend yourself under certain circumstances. For example, your doctor should warn you about any side-effects your prescription medication may cause. If your OUI was a result of your doctor’s negligence to disclose necessary information, you may be able to fight your charges. If you are in a similar situation, get legal representation from a Boston OUI attorney right away!

Finding the Right OUI Attorney

At Keegan Law, we have extensive knowledge of laws and defense strategies regarding drug-related OUI charges. Call today for a case evaluation to learn if you have a case and what strategies could work for you. Our attorneys have nearly 40 years of combined experienced and will give their full attention and dedication to each case, working around the clock until the job is done. A drug-related OUI conviction could turn your life upside-down, so don’t wait. Contact Keegan Law today!