Having Problems with a Drivers’ License Restoration?

Served Your Suspension Period? Reinstate Your License with the Counsel and Representation of a Boston OUI Lawyer

In Massachusetts, an OUI conviction will result in a driver license suspension. The shortest term is one year, which results from a first-time OUI offense, but multiple OUI convictions will result in lengthier suspension periods. Unless your charges are dropped, your suspension cannot be revoked, so be sure to hire an aggressive Boston OUI attorney who will provide the highest chance of winning your case. However, if your charges are not dropped, you must serve the “hardship period” of your suspension before you may become eligible for a hardship license, which must be requested through an RMV hearing. Whether you receive a hardship license or not, you will still be able to reinstate your license at the end of your suspension period as long as you follow all rules and regulations.

How do I reinstate my license?

Depending on your OUI offense, your suspension period could be anywhere from 1-10 years, or a lifetime suspension without the possibility of restoration. The following is a list of offenses and their license suspension periods:

    • 1st offense – Three years
    • 2nd offense – Three years
    • 3rd offense – Five years
    • Subsequent offenses – Lifetime
  • Regular OUI:
    • 1st offense – 180 days
    • 2nd offense – Three years
    • 3rd offense – Five years
    • Subsequent offense – Lifetime
    • 1st offense – 15 years
    • Repeat offense – Lifetime
  • Other:
    • Prior OUI with serious bodily injury – 10 years

After serving the required suspension period without driving or attempting to drive a vehicle, you are eligible for license restoration. To have your license reinstated after an OUI, you must see attend a hearing at your local RMV office. Visit the MassDOT website for office hours and details. You will be required to pay a fine between $50-$1,200, depending on your OUI offense. For your hearing, you are entitled to the representation of an attorney in order to maximize your chances of having your license reinstated. Find a Boston license suspension hearing lawyer immediately if your suspension period is almost up or if it has already ended. Regain your driving privileges today!

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