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What constitutes a federal crime?

Any criminal act that violates United States federal legislation, or any criminal act that occurs on federal property, will be categorized as a federal crime. Federal crimes are the most serious offenses that one can be charged with, and as a result the penalties for these crimes are substantially greater.

When you are accused of a federal crime, your case will be handled by a government agency such as the CIA or FBI instead of the local or state law enforcement agencies. These powerful federal agencies have seemingly endless resources that are used to conduct meticulous investigations into a suspect’s past and present life, and many times the suspect does not even know that he or she is being investigated until it is too late. This is why it is extremely important to contact a Boston federal crime attorney who has years of experience handling these high-level crimes and investigations.

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Some of the most common federal cases in the Boston area are those involving drugs. In fact, the FBI has a specific task force in the Boston Intelligence Branch that was created to focus on violent gangs and drug crimes throughout Boston. Known as the Boston North Shore HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area), this task force targets drug trafficking major organizations responsible for moving substantial amounts of drugs in the Boston area. Drug smuggling and trafficking are federal offenses because they often cross state lines, and because they are specifically prohibited by federal law.

Tax evasion, money laundering, terrorism, bank robbery, mail fraud, and kidnapping are some of the other federal crimes that you may be charged with in the Boston area, but you can protect your rights and your future by calling a federal crime lawyer at our firm.

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Defending Your Rights in a Federal Courtroom

One of the most significant differences between state crimes and federal crimes is the way that federal crimes are handled in court. In addition to different sentencing guidelines, federal crimes also have differing statutes and laws, different jury selection guidelines, and different evidentiary guidelines. Many people are unaware that the federal criminal court procedure differs so drastically from the state court, and those who are accused of federal crimes should seek help from a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling federal crimes specifically.

Here at Keegan Law, our Boston federal crime attorneys have years of experience in defending the rights of those accused of federal crimes. We understand what is at stake, and we fight tirelessly to secure a favorable verdict regardless of the crime you have been accused of committing. To learn more about your criminal charges and the specific ways that we can protect you, contact our firm for a free case evaluation today!