Keegan Lawyers Will Help You Understand Your Rights

Defend Yourself from a Wrongful Conviction

Oftentimes a person will feel hopeless after being arrested for a drug crime. In other situations, they may be intimidated by a police officer trying to force a confession. Cases like this can make it difficult for a person to take proper legal action after an arrest and start building their defense. If you have been charged with a drug crime of any kind, such as possession of a controlled substance or trafficking of illegal drugs, then you must make sure that you understand your rights and act upon them.

What are my rights?

First of all, everyone has the right to remain silent after an arrest. The moment you say anything about the events surrounding your arrest, your opinions regarding these events, or anything else, you may place yourself at a disadvantage. Should the wrong person hear you, they could misconstrue your words and use them as to your detriment in court. The only person you should speak to about your case is your attorney, who is bound by contract to keep your information completely confidential. You also be sure to tell your lawyer every little detail that you know about your case so that they have as much information as possible to build your defense.

Anyone arrested for a crime also has the right to an attorney. Unless you hire capable and experienced representation, you have next to no chance of having your charges dropped in court. Only an attorney with a detailed knowledge of drug crime laws and procedures can build and present a strong defense case and win the best possible results. At Keegan Law, each lawyer dedicates their full effort and resources to each case they take on. Call our offices today for aggressive legal representation if you have been charged with a drug crime of any kind. With a member of our legal team on your side, you could raise your chances of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

Retain a Boston Drug Crime Attorney

The legal team at our firm has nearly four decades of combined legal experience. Also, Joseph Keegan is a former police officers with first-hand knowledge of lawful and illegal police conduct in drug arrest situations. Find out how we could fight for you by calling our offices today for a consultation, or by completing our online case evaluation. Your initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by contacting a Boston drug crime lawyer from our firm. By retaining an attorney from Keegan Law, you can be sure of tireless and aggressive defense against your false drug crime charges. Call today to learn more!