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Legalities on Conspiracy to Commit Drug Related Crimes

If you have been charged with a drug crime such as possession, distribution, or trafficking, you may have had conspiracy to violate drug laws added to your charge as well. This charge is tacked on to more serious drug crimes, and will only make your sentencing more severe if proven.

It is important to remember that even if the drug law violation was unsuccessful, you can still be charged with conspiracy. You can also be convicted on circumstantial evidence. For example, if you live with someone who has committed a drug crime, you could be charged with drug conspiracy. That is why it is essential that you choose the best legal representation possible.

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Avoid Increased Charges

The Boston criminal defense attorneys at Keegan Law are experienced in handling various types of drug crime cases. We have a background in the criminal justice system that other firms do not. Our attorneys have former experience as:

  • Police officers
  • US Army soldiers
  • Prosecutors

Because conspiracy refers to colluding with another individual involved in a crime, this is a common added offense if anyone else was part of the alleged crime. Contact us today for the experienced help your case requires!

Controlled Substances Act

Under the Controlled Substances Act of the Massachusetts Law §94.40 (2011) gives information regarding this offense. It states that if you conspire with another person to commit a drug crime, you could be punished as if you had committed the crime. Therefore, for example, if the prosecution can prove that you were planning on manufacturing a Class A drug, you could be punished by up to fifteen years in prison, even if you never actually broke any laws.

Defense for Drug Conspiracy Charges

It is vital that your Boston drug attorney is intimately familiar with the law and that they know how to navigate the specific issues that will arise when defending against drug conspiracy charges. In this type of case, it is common for the District Attorney’s office to try everyone involved in a single crime at once.

How Keegan Law Can Impact Your Case

Your lawyer will have to navigate multiple defendants and counter the prosecution’s attempt to get them to turn on each other. There are also complex hearsay rules that your lawyer will want to use to limit what testimony can be admitted at your trial.

One co-defendant can easily decide to become a witness for the prosecution in exchange for a deal. In this case, your attorney will want to demonstrate to the jury that his testimony is unreliable by exposing his motivations for testifying (an effort to avoid his own conviction).

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