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After being arrested for a drug crime, a person will likely experience feelings of fear, anxiety and confusion. The first step you should take to protect your rights is to hire a skilled Boston drug crime attorney. Waiting to retain an attorney can decrease your opportunity of a successful outcome.

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Whether this is your first drug crime arrest or you have previous convictions, it is difficult to know what steps to take after being charged. At Keegan Law, we understand the gravity of your situation and are fully prepared to help you step-by-step through the necessary legal procedures.

What to Do After a Drug Crime Arrest

Exercise Your Miranda Rights
The most important thing to remember after being arrested for any offense is to remain silent. Do not speak a word to anyone regarding your charges or your arrest, even to a police officer. They may try to intimidate you and force a confession, but you should exercise your legal right under the Miranda Warning. This is the right to refrain from speaking to anyone unless it is their attorney, who is bound by an attorney-client privilege.

Talking about your situation could provide prosecution with an opportunity to skew your words and use them against you in court. Even if you are guilty of a drug crime, a skilled attorney could build an argument and fight to have your charges reduced to a lesser sentence, so don’t say a word to anyone!

Types of Drug Crimes

There are a number of illegal drugs that can be involved in a drug crime arrest. Common drugs that are associated with arrests include:

Our firm has handled numerous drug crime cases involving those types of drugs and can defend your case if you have been charged.

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The next step would be to retain a drug defense attorney with the experience and skill to fight for you. At Keegan Law, our lawyers have nearly 40 years of combined experience and will give their full attention and effort to your defense.

Your case will not be handed off to an incompetent representative; but instead, our skilled team will work around the clock to ensure that you are not wrongfully convicted of a drug crime that you did not commit. If you are looking for a drug attorney who will stay with you and fight to the end, contact a Boston drug crime lawyer from our firm today.

Defense from Our Boston Drug Defense Attorney

Keegan Law has the qualifications needed to provide you with exceptional legal defense. Unlike other firms, both of our main lawyers are former policemen with personal knowledge and understanding of what policemen can and cannot do in a drug crime arrest.

Call us today or fill out our free online case evaluation form today to learn how we could fight for you. With the defense of our skilled legal team, you can avoid a wrongful or excessively harsh conviction.