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Once a person is accused of domestic violence, they are removed from their homes and detained in jail until charges are filed and bail posted. What can lead to this situation? Just the alleged victim’s verbal accusation that you made a threat against them. This is a serious issue, as a person could be completely innocent, may have never laid a hand on the person, or never made a threat. That one accusation can mean you are taken to jail in handcuffs and face a restraining order that makes it impossible to go to your own home without landing back in jail.

Joe Keegan: Former Police Officer to Defend You

At Keegan Law, we have great experience in this area of the law, as our domestic violence defense team is made up of former police officers. We have seen it all, and we know what to do for you if you are charged with any domestic violence offense. With 40 years of combined experience, you can be confident that you have the best on your side. Contact a Boston domestic violence lawyer from our firm at once if you are facing charges.

Massachusetts Law and Domestic Violence

The guidelines issued by the state indicate that the “preferred means of police response to domestic violence” is arrest and prosecution. This puts the accused in a difficult position. An immediate arrest will be made even if no physical contact has taken place.

Attempting to Cause Physical Harm

The rules in the state make it illegal to attempt to cause or cause physical harm, or to place another in fear of imminent serious physical harm. This approach allows for many injustices, as an accusation that the alleged victim was afraid that they would be injured can land you immediately in jail. This system is prime for abuse; an arrest based merely upon a verbal report and no other evidence. Many people have had to deal with this situation when they are involved in a divorce or custody battle. There ARE those people who will use the justice system to further their own ends. Don’t be a victim of false accusations – contact a domestic violence lawyer from Keegan Law.

Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Charges

If you are accused of causing another to engage in sexual acts against their will – by force, threat or duress, you are in serious trouble and could face heavy consequences. This is one form of domestic violence that could be filed against you, and would require immediate assistance from a skilled domestic violence defense lawyer from our firm.

Family and Household Members: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are filed against a person who is married, living together in the same household, related by blood or marriage, have a common child whether ever married or living together, or those who have been in a “substantive” dating or engagement relationship. This includes relationships or individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

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