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Take Legal Action Against Witness Intimidation & Threats

Charges of witness intimidation often arise in conjunction with charges of domestic violence. Intimidation of a witness occurs when an individual threatens to harm or does harm a witness in order to prevent them from taking legal action of some kind, such as filing charges or testifying against someone in court. In relation to domestic violence, these charges will often occur if someone violates a restraining order or otherwise illegally contacts the alleged victim in order to prevent them from testifying. If you have been charged with intimidation of a witness, in conjunction with domestic violence charges or a restraining order, you need to speak with a domestic violence attorney from our firm as soon as possible.

When facing charges of witness intimidation, it is essential that you have an experienced attorney by your side. In many cases, intimidation of a witness charges are trumped up and falsified. A simple or accidental violation of restraining order in an effort to communicate with one’s own children may lead to charges of witness intimidation and violation of restraining order. An experienced attorney can help you assess your case and determine the best course of defense for your charges.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Boston

At Keegan Law we have handled countless cases of domestic violence, including charges involving witness intimidation, violations of restraining order, and more. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you are facing serious charges, and could even be looking at time in jail. It is essential that you let our 40 years of combined experience work for you. We understand the difficult and trying time you are going through and we are here to help you see it through to the other side.

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