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Harassment can refer to a variety of offensive crimes. However, in general, harassment refers to repetitive behavior that is meant to threaten or disturb the recipient. For example, telephoning or emailing someone repetitively with vulgar or obscene language can be constituted as harassment. If you have been charged with harassment, you will be facing a serious legal process that necessitates the help of a domestic violence attorney. In many cases, harassment charges are brought up in conjunction with domestic violence charges. If you have been found in violation of a restraining order, or are facing domestic violence charges, you may also be facing harassment charges, as well, and this can exacerbate your charges and result in your have an enhanced penalty if convicted. Contact our firm today to speak with a Boston harassment attorney who has the experience you are looking for.

A harassment charge alone can carry with it a $5,000 penalty, as well as up to 2 ½ years in a House of Correction (local or county jail). However, if your harassment charges have been brought up in conjunction with another crime, such as violation of a restraining order, or domestic violence, you can be facing a much more severe penalty that can include time in state prison. Don’t risk your freedom. Contact our firm today.

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