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A harassment order, also known as a harassment prevention order, is a tool used to expand an individual’s protection against someone who is not a family or household member. When an individual feels that they have suffered emotional or physical abuse at the hands of an acquaintance, fellow student, fellow employee or other non-family members they can petition to have the court grant them a harassment order. If you feel you have been wrongly accused and have been given a harassment order, please contact a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney from our firm today. Our legal professionals are ready to help you understand the legal implications of what is happening to you and help you determine what your best plan of defense should be.

A harassment charge that prompts a harassment prevention order has some very specific criteria that it must meet in order to rise to the level of a harassment order. The perpetrator must commit 3 or more willful and malicious acts that are directed at a specific person. There must be intent by the perpetrator to cause fear or to intimidate the victim into believing that his/her safety is in danger. Once a harassment order has been granted against you, it is important to have a clear understanding of the terms of the order and to comply with all of the terms in order to prevent a violation of orders charge. If you have had a harassment order levied against you, it is vital that you protect your rights by procuring the help of a proven and skilled lawyer from our firm.

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