Think You Can Get a Court-Appointed Lawyer? Think Again!

Last week, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruled that a defendant accused of a crime must prove that they are indigent in order to qualify for a court-appointed Criminal Defense Lawyer. The SJC further stated that the assets of the defendant and the assets (including retirement accounts) of the defendant’s; spouse, parents, in-laws, children, and even girlfriends/boyfriends would be analyzed before a court-appointed Criminal Defense Lawyer would be assigned. In other words, the entire family (and boyfriend/girlfriend) of a defendant would have to be considered indigent. Otherwise, the accused would be required to obtain a private criminal defense lawyer.

According to, indigent describes “a person so poor and needy that he/she cannot provide the necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter) for himself/herself.”

Under this new ruling, Massachusetts expects to dramatically reduce the case load of court-appointed lawyers. The number of truly indigent defendants qualifying for a court-appointed lawyer is expected to drop drastically.

Do you want a court-appointed lawyer handling your case? A lawyer who you cannot choose? A lawyer whose qualifications you cannot verify? Why even bother?

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