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Physical and cultural geography has a lot to do with the types of arrests most commonly reported in a given location. According to recently released statistics from the Boston Police Department, local weather conditions may also play a significant role in influencing crime rates.

Here’s what the Boston PD’s data says about recent crime rates:

  • From January 1 st to March 8 th of this year, the Boston Police Department reported a 33 percent drop in serious crime when compared to the same time period in 2014.
  • The homicide rate in Boston fell from 14 during this time frame last year to 5 so far this year.
  • Rape and attempted rape fell from 44 in 2014 to 19 this year.

Officials and experts are speculating that a lot of this reduction in crime has to do with the bitter cold and record-setting snow Boston has seen this winter. For example, law enforcement officials reported a considerable drop in auto thefts. In February, Boston saw nearly eight feet of snow.

Seasonal trends for crimes have been studied for quite some time, and there is a significant amount of data to support the idea that certain crimes do happen more frequently during certain times of year – although it’s not always compelling evidence or always the case all the time.

According to a report on seasonality and crime from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, many crimes saw differences between the highest and lowest seasonal rates of roughly 10%. Still, crimes like burglary, motor vehicle theft, and certain violent crimes do tend to happen in the summer more than other times of year.

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