What Should You Do Following an Arrest?

You have the right to remain silent and it is extremely important that you exercise this right provided to all citizens by the Fifth Amendment. Speaking out immediately after your arrest may serve to incriminate yourself, as anything you say can be held against you in court. You also have the right to an attorney. We recommend that you get legal representation immediately if you have been arrested. Do not answer any questions about your case, or discuss it with anyone in person or by phone without first contacting Keegan Law. A Boston criminal attorney from our firm can act at once to protect you and your rights.

Never appear at a court hearing without a lawyer by your side, whether at an arraignment, bail hearing or any other court appearance. A case can easily shift out of your favor, which is why you need a legal professional at your side from the start. If you appear before a judge and you are charged with a crime, then the next step is your arraignment hearing. Your charges against you will be read out loud and you will be asked to make a plea of guilty or not guilty. You may benefit greatly from having an attorney with you at this particular hearing. What our firm can do is explain the situation and the ramifications of both options: what will happen if you plead guilty or not guilty.

Fighting Back in Court

Being innocent is not enough to expect that you will be acquitted. You have to have your defense presented with skill, and not all law firms are experienced in trial law. Presenting a defense case in court requires much more than knowledge of the law; the lawyer must have the ability to effectively make room for reasonable doubt in a compelling manner to the jury. You can trust our legal team at the firm to do everything possible for your defense, whether you are facing a first time DUI or if you are accused of a serious felony crime such as murder.

We know what it takes to fight back in court; it requires skill, dedication and hard work. We know exactly how important it is that you have an aggressive defense lawyer if you hope to avoid jail or prison time and other penalties. All of us that work in the criminal justice system are well aware that the skill of a defense lawyer is the most significant factor in a criminal case. There are law firms that just try to arrange a plea bargain. This may not be the best option for you in your case! What if you could be successfully defended and acquitted in court? A criminal record is a serious issue, even in charges of DUI or OUI. An arrest or conviction on your record can seriously impact your future opportunities, and in serious felony charges, you will have specific restrictions with regard to professional licenses and other problems. If you’re serious about getting a defense against your charges, contact Keegan Law today!