3 Felonies Dismissed at Trial

On June 4, 2012 my client and I were ready to proceed to trial in the Worcester District Court on 3 Felony counts. I spoke to the Assistant District Attorney prior to trial and he told me that his two civilian witnesses and one police witness were present and that they were ready to go trial. I told him that my two witnesses one of which was a private investigator were present and that we were ready for trial.

This case involved the accusations that my client threatened a neighbor by approaching him, pulling out a knife and threatening to kill him. My client was arrested at the scene and was prosecuted. Shortly thereafter he came into to meet me and decided that I could help him and we proceeded forward with preparing for trial. Because of our in depth preparation the prosecution decided to dismiss the three felony counts and my client ended up pleading to a continued without a finding that will be dismissed in 6 months as long as he stays out of trouble. The maximum penalty of the the disorderly conduct charge is a $150 fine. The potential penalty for each of the three felony counts is 2 a half years for each count.

Being prepared for trial and developing the case so that we did everything we could to enhance the chance of a not guilty allowed my client to be able to be in the position to get such a great offer. If you are accused of a crime make sure that you hire a trial attorney and by that I mean a litigator, someone who can take a case to trial and be successful.

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